Our Story

Cultivate is a living, breathing, team of professionals devoted to helping you change.

“Cultivation” is the idea that you can change, grow, work, strive, and progress from a starting place even if it is far from your end goal. At Cultivate, we try to bring that concept to life in people’s physical and mental health, and their level of education. The team at Cultivate works in a collaborative fashion, bringing the knowledge and experience of multiple disciplines and backgrounds together to best serve our clients.

Cultivate was founded in 2014 as part of a dream that its founders have for helping people find their way to becoming well-equipped humans who are prepared to grow the life they want. Since its inception, Cultivate has grown to be a boutique provider of health, mental health, and education services, with staff in Alberta and British Columbia.

Whether you are needing help in the most general sense, or you have a specific need and problem that a licensed professional can aid you with, Cultivate likes to pride themselves on their ability to say “yes”, and then help you find the steps to that goal.

You can rest assured that whoever you work with at Cultivate will take care to affirm your identity in any way that it presents itself. We are committed to standing behind, respecting and engaging people in their identity of race, gender, religion or spirituality, nationality, creed, or sexual orientation. Say hello and let us become part of your story as you grow the life you want.

Email: hello@growthelife.com

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